Award in Education and Training (AET formerly PTLLS)

The Award in Education and Training is now the minimum qualification required by those who teach (or wish to teach) in post-16 education and training.

AET is also the first in a series of qualifications required to become a fully qualified teacher.



Anyone who is employed either wholly or partly as a teacher, trainer or tutor now needs to hold an appropriate qualification. (LLUK Standards)


This includes those who work or wish to work, as teachers, trainers, tutors or coaches in post-16 education and training: in adult or community education, in public and voluntary sectors, as support staff in education and as trainers in retail and industry. It also includes those who work on a one-to-one basis.

What will an AET Qualification allow me to do?


With a AET Qualification you may gain employment as a:

  1.  Training Manager
  2. Teaching Assistant
  3. Learning Support Assistant
  4. Training Instructor

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We will be teaching this qualification across a four day period, this is an intensive course and therefore, if you are a busy person this is the best course you can do.